Sunday, October 3, 2010

Finally a few moments....

I haven't blogged in a long time. With all this hype about twitter and facebook, maybe blogs are losing their charm.

I've been incredibly busy in the past few months. With work, family and a few trips, blogging takes a back seat. It is a little busy at work but I think I can manage. I visited Loire valley in France a few months ago. Driving through the French countryside dotted with castles (chateaus) and vineyards was a pleasure. Though I felt, the entire region was a little sleepy.

I went on a trip to Berlin in Germany recently. The airport was a disappointment but I could smell history in the city. The tour guide spoke on and on about the monuments like the Berlin wall, Brandenberger gate, Concert Hall, University, Churches...but I felt there was some cyncism in his tone. It was like there was an invisible voice telling us "this is my city..we've gone through a lot but still haven't reached anywhere". There was contempt for Angela Merkel which I found surprising because I know she is one of the most(if not the)powerful women in the world. I guess they have their issues but It was like he wanted to tell us how "the lady" (Angela) is responsible for everything.

Thats the informal update for now..back to watching the Common Wealth Games inaugural ceremony on TV...CWG - much maligned event but let us see how it turns out!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Let's get cooking!!

I'm watching one my favourite programmes on TV - Saturday Kitchen Live. The whole concept of fresh ingredients and cuisine fascinate me. This programmes shows bits of BBC's cooking shows plus guest chefs prepare some fabulous food in the studio :)

Being the Christmas season, all cooking shows are concentrating on baking cakes. I've never been too successful with baking cakes - except with the packaged flour mix variety. That's hardly any creativity!!

I'm still very good with non-vegetarian items. I can make lovely Chicken curry laced with spices and herbs or even the biriyani. I make spicy fried fish during weekdays and recently made my first kutchi mutton biriyani (rice and meat cooked together with yoghurt and spices).

I'm not a stickler in terms of presentation because it is the taste and aroma of the dish which matter to me. I appreciate some of the beautifully presented food in top-notch restaurants or shown on TV. I remember one of the dishes shown in BBC's Masterchef finals - an appetizer delicately presented inside a smokey glass dome. It looked like heaven in a plate even without tasting.

One of the tastes that I have always enjoyed is Thai. I think that has got to do with my love for coconut milk based curries. I just love the lemon grass, ginger and citronelle flavours that are infused into the perfumed scampi or meat curries. One of my favourite dishes is the Thai green chicken curry.

We used to visit a tiny Thai restaurant near our house. It was small and quiet but always full. The food was of a good quality and the service was good. We still eat from that place but we just order a take away. It's much easier to eat at home with the baby around.

My baby loves our traditional Indian dishes despite having the Belgian fare in the creche during the week. He loves the rice, sambar, dal or yoghurt mixes that we have at home.

This convinces me that our palates are influenced by genetics more than our current conditions. An Asian palate will always be tuned to spices regardless of the geographical location!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Things can go horribly wrong at times...

I'm in no mood to sleep today. I can't believe how things can go incredibly wrong at times.

For a few weeks, I was battling the usual cold and sore throat that is characteristic of this season. Then, my tiny tot got a really bad throat infection followed by an allergy. His skin was red with rashes one day. Luckily, it was a quick fix with some medicines his doc prescribed.

Again, as we settled into normal life, my baby boy got a severely high temperature or fever. We spent some time in the Emergency Room in the hospital to do all the tests. Luckily, it is a classic case of cold and sore throat. He has got loads of medicines to take which are making him drowsy and listless.

As if this wasn't enough, I just caught the "pink eye". My eyes are swollen and infected. The doctor says it will be over in a week. I'm spending my time alone and suitably quarantined to ward of the spread of this infection.

All these years in Belgium and I never got any form of malaise. I guess this is my time to remember that health is wealth. My husband is bearing the brunt of all this as he is stuck with taking care of both of us.

But yes, I have reason to celebrate today. After about four years of marriage, I got a hot cup of coffee at my bedside today. Isn't that wonderful??

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Living life a day at a time...

Life is warming up slowly since I've joined back at work. My new assignment is exciting and challenging. Nevermind that I don't have a clue as to how I will proceed. I'm hoping that all will proceed smoothly as time goes on.

The morning bus journey with my baby on the pram is an adventure. It is easy to board and get down from the new STIB buses. On bad days, the old, yellow buses will ply on my route - and the nightmare begins. Luckily, some kindred spirit will help me manage to get on the bus.

Weekends are busy days. I have so many chores to do...neverending tasks. I guess it is the same for all mums.

You start appreciating your parents more after becoming one yourself. It's exciting but tiring to be responsible for a little human being. The chores zap a lot of energy off you but the baby brings in positive vibes. I have high regard for all the hard-working mums out there...hang in there!!